Sunday, 2 October 2016

New Podcast - "The Zarjaz Spirit of Independence and Rebellion..."

Eric Joyce on Labour and Independence; Ruth Hopkins on the North Dakotan Pipeline; Debra Torrance on the iniquity our society metes out on the disabled; Wee Red  Raiph (wit cin go rang?), Jagdeesh Singh on the national struggle for freedom in the Punjab; Victoria Pearson's short story, "Finding God" read by Neil Anderson; Matt Geraghty on the desperate lies peddled within the Labour Party about Labour Jewish activist Jackie Walker; Amber Daniels with her thoughts on the EU debacle; Dr Bruce Scott on Pseudotherapeutics, and Chuck Hamilton on the Presidential elections...
Presented by Neil Scott.  Recorded by the contributors... Edited by Neil Scott and Neil Anderson, with thanks to Victoria Pearson.

Do we take a stance.  Yes.  Do we agree with each other all the time?  No.

Music by inspirational women and women's groups:
Sharon Martin
Babelfish Project
the Wimmins’ Institute
Petrol Girls
Desperate Journalist
Madame So
Ethical Debating Society

Sharon Martin
Sharon Martin is a Scottish singer, songwriter and musician.

A BA (Hons) Commercial Music Graduate from the University of West of Scotland, Sharon has gigged and recorded extensively, sharing the stage and the studio with a multitude of award winning, world class musicians.

A professional session vocalist, Sharon has been involved in numerous recording projects, for Multinational Music Publishing companies, Hit record production and songwriting teams, Grammy award winners and British record breaking music producers.

Sharon is front woman for electro disco duo Flesh, with Grammy award winning record producer Stephen Lironi (Black Grape/Bon Jovi/Hanson/Fun Lovin Criminals). Flesh released their debut album 'Sick Electricity' in 2011 to an array of positive reviews, including being BBC Radio Scotland's Album of the Week.

Sharon is a highly proficient songwriter and collaborator. In 2011, she co-wrote the UEFA Women's Champions League song for top European side and Scottish Champions Glasgow City FC. The song is played extensively at the clubs home games, in stadiums throughout Europe and featured heavily in the 6 part BBC Alba TV documentary 'Glasgow City FC'.

Sharon was recently commissioned to write a Scottish Women's National Anthem for National Sporting Organisation SWF (Scottish Women's Football). A groundbreaking short film has been recorded to accompany the anthem by Award Winning Scottish TV Production Company Purple TV. The anthem 'Girl' is due for national release in July 2015. 
You can find her on facebook
Or on her website 

Babelfish Project

The concept for The Babelfish Project was concieved by Derek Stewart McPherson in May 2000 as a way of drawing together the many artists from disparate backgrounds and disciplines he had met in three decades of playing music. 
You can find their music on Reverbnation
Follow them on facebook
Or follow on Twitter 

Wimmins’ Institute 

The Wimmins’ Institute are a one year old, all female indie rock band.
They are comprised of: Jen Denitto on drums / vox / guitar,
Cassie Fox on bass / vox / keys
 Mel Reardon on trumpet / vox / drums, and
Deb Van Der Geugten on guitar / vox / bass

You can find out more on their blog
Follow their Facebook
And their Twitter
Or check out their music on soundcloud

Petrol Girls 

Petrol Girls are a punk rock, feminist band that use their music to voice their opinions on how women are judged for their sexual activity far more than men.
Petrol Girls are comprised of Liepa KuraitÄ— on Bass and Vox,  Ren Aldridge on Guitar and Vox,  Joe York on Guitar and Vox and  Zock on Drums.

You can check out their music on bandcamp
Or follow their Facebook page

Desperate Journalist 

Desperate Journalist are a post punk band that formed in 2013. Comprised of members: Jo Bevan on Vocals, Simon Drowner on Bass, Rob Hardy on Guitar and Caz Hellbent on Drums.

You can find out more on their site
Listen to their music on youtube
Or follow them on Facebook
Or on twitter


Argonaut are purveyors of fiery female fronted alternative punk rock. The band released their self titled debut in 2012 and have recently unleashed their second album, Try. 
Comprised of Lorna on vocals,
Nathan on guitar and backing vocals,
Abby on synth, 
Guitar And Backing Vocals,
Joules on Bass and
Oz on drums.
You can find out more on their Facebook
Or follow them on twitter


Foxcunt are a punk band made up of Jo Bevan on bass, Sean Clothier on guitar, Chris Damage on electric violin and vocals, Ally Moss on vocals and occasional guitar and Melissa Reardon on drums.
You can find out more about them on their Facebook page 
 Listen to them on YouTube
Or follow their twitter

Madame So 

Madame So is a Paris-born/London-based singer-songwriter.
She makes lyric-led guitar pop that has been likened to Hole, Blondie, Patti Smith and PJ Harvey.
You'll either love the catchy immediacy of her melodies or dismiss it as being too "lo-fi"… Either way, in her own words: "If I pushed your buttons, I've accomplished my mission."

You can find out more on her website
Follow her on twitter
Or check her out on Facebook


Fightmilk describe themselves as “sweaty pop for indie schmucks” 
They are comprised of Lily on vocals and guitar,
Alex on vocals and guitar,
Adam on bass,
And Nick on Drums.
You can find them on Facebook
And on twitter
Or listen to more on their soundcloud

The Ethical Debating Society 

The ethical debating society started as a pseudonym for Tegan Xmas writing anti-love songs on her hooty piano. It blossomed into a full band, now with Kristen Martin on guitar/vocals and Elizabeth playing pots and pans.
If they are trying to prove anything, it’s that music is for everyone to have fun with, not just a chosen few.

You can check them out on Facebook
Or listen to their music on soundcloud
Or YouTube

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